Ramjet Missile Propulsion System




Meteor is the next generation Beyond Visual Range Air-to-Air Missile system (BVRAAM) that will revolutionise air-to-air combat in the 21st Century.

METEOR`s stunning performance is achieved from it’s advanced propulsion system, a solid fuel, variable flow ducted `Ramjet` rocket motor. This motor generates the missile with propulsive power all the way to target intercept and thus provides the largest “No-Escape-Zone” of any air-to-air missile system.

Bayern-Chemie has designed, developed and qualified this advanced `Ramjet` motor. Full scale Production has also started.

The principal powerhouse of the motor is a gas generator sub-assembly containing an oxygen deficient composite propellant which when combusted produces fuel rich combustion products which are then mixed with ducted air in the ramcombustor chamber. During missile flight the supersonic air is compressed by deceleration in the intake system and allows efficient combustion and thrust generation. The incorporation of high energy ingredients in the gas generator propellant leads roughly to a threefold increase in range of the ducted rocket compared to a conventional solid rocket propulsion system.

The pressure dependant burning rate propellant when combined with a gas generator control valve allows thrust modulation by throttling of the gas generator. The gas generator control system allows the generation of a variable thrust which in-turn enables a highly flexible missile mission envelope. The ramcombustor chamber also incorporates an integrated nozzleless booster to accelerate the missile to the velocity (approx. 2 Mach) where propulsion can be transitioned into full ram rocket mode.

Bayern-Chemie is a world leader in throttleable solid propellant ram rocket technology covering

  • Air intakes for various Mach-ranges
  • Intake closure and port cover mechanisms
  • High energy (boron filled) gas generator propellant
  • Gas generator throttleable control valve technology
  • Nozzleless Boost motor (reduced smoke) technology

The advantages offerered by solid propellant ram rocket technology include

  • High range of propelled flight
  • High average speed
  • Flexible mission envelope achieved by the use of active thrust control
  • Wide operational envelope from sea level to high altitude
  • Relatively simple design
  • Logistics comparable with conventional rocket motors

The knowledge of `Ramjet` propulsion technology that BAYERN-CHEMIE have gathered over several decades opens up a tremendous range of new dimensions for the performance of missile systems.

For missile missions where a combination of high speed, manoeuvrability and range is mandatory, then a solid fuel, variable flow ducted `Ramjet` will be the propulsion system of choice.

Missiles similar to METEOR could also be adapted and developed for air/ground, ground/air or ground/ground missions.

Bayern-Chemie has already started to work on much more sophisticated future concepts that include hypersonic `Ramjet` propulsion systems. One such is the CVS401 PERSEUS, a visionary Naval and Land Attack Weapon System of MBDA.